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Antique Japanese Horse Eye plates on mid-century modern cabinet with water lily fine art photography print.

MyCurioHome is proud to offer a collection of distinctive pre-owned items that will elevate your decor. We feature unique hard-to-find accessories, fine art, decorative crystal, glass, and ceramic pieces for your home.

From mid-century modern to timeless classics, to vintage Asian and Asian-inspired collectables, we have curated a collection that is sure to satisfy your discerning eye.

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MyCurioHome features a curated collection of unique Fine Art, Decorative Crystal & Glass, Decorative Ceramics, and more for your home decor.

To honor our commitment to the environment and sustainability, many of our products are pre-loved.
girl using creativity to make her own home decor

Be sure to check out our design blog for resources, design ideas, and home decorating tips. We will be adding content regularly so be sure to check back often.

DIY home decor with glass

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