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Roberta Cantow

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Roberta Cantow

Roberta Cantow has a background in theater and film making. Her films have received national and international attention including an Emmy for her film Clotheslines. For a period of time, she did a lot of work with digital storytelling which combines still and moving images with short personal narratives. She has also engaged with the arts as a writer, painter and photographer and with the expressive arts. She has recently transitioned  away from film making and is now working with collage, found objects, paint and  pastels. These other art forms serve as forms for creative expression, relaxation and centering.

Roberta started working on decorating fallen palm fronds when she was working on her film about the women's spirituality movement: Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change. Several of her artistically created palm fronds are in the 3rd part of the film, Dreamtime. Her current project involving leaves and petals is an extension of the spirited approach to her art.

CURIOhome is proud to offer Roberta's One-of-a-Kind and Limited Edition fine artworks for purchase.